About Hair Choice – Hair Transplant Solutions

We aim to raise men’s awarness about hair loss issues most men face in their early 30’s or thereafter and try to navigate them through to the most effective, lasting hair restoration solution: hair transplant.

Whether hereditary or as a result of improper way of life we can help regrow lost hair, improve receding hairline as well as stop hair from falling out with some complementary hair loss treatments like mesotherapy or PRP treatment. Our mission is the satisfied male patient that leaves our hair clinic with natural looking results that can change all their lives. They also save a lot on hair loss surgery cost and still get EU-conform guarantee.

We really do take care about educating people on possible solutions to their problem as well as help them through the hair transplant process and post surgery procedures. We plan to publish articles on the latest developments in the treatment of hair loss and we do emphasize the importance of active involvment in precautionary steps to fight baldness.

Mission statement

As we operate a high quality Hair Clinic we aim to reach our target audience via keeping male patients informed about hair restoration trends, hair loss surgery techniques, procedure costs and pitfalls of hair transplantation. We think the patient always has a choice but s/he needs to be educated to be able to make that informed decision. Causes

European Hair Transplant Workshop Certificate