Mature hairline treatment with hair transplant

Our Hair Transplant videos come in a variety of forms, and all of them are quite interesting and very informative. This one about Curtis,  a 34-year-old British musician and teacher is a very good Q & A format. I’ll refrain from repeating the questions which are on the video but will give you a summary on the Hair Transplant procedure at Hair Palace in Budapest, Hungary.

The patient started noticing his hair loss in his early 20’s. Being in an industry where he is photographed a lot, he started seeing his hair thinning on top.

Not until his late 20’s did he decide to focus on a hair transplant, and again it was the family photos which inspired this decision. With the advent of the camera phone it is difficult for anyone to hide.

A friend had a hair transplant abroad which gave him the push to start researching hair clinics. Heading to the Internet was a great source of information while also reading the personal reviews about the surgery from former patients.

After much researching and time on the Internet, the patient decided on Hair Palace. The reviews for Hair Palace were excellent as were the photos which offered before and after shots. The clinic also put him in contact with a former patient who was able to offer him procedure information as well as his own experience. The patient was also impressed with the FUE 2 procedure which is the latest Hair Transplant technology insuring no scaring and a higher percentage of hair regrowth.

Given a list of locations for a consultation in the UK, the patient headed to London for the first step in the transplant process. After the initial consult in London, the patient then flew to Budapest for the procedure. Alternatively, a prospective patient can send photos of their scalp to the clinic and have doctors review them and discuss the process with the patient over the phone/Internet.

As someone who had never been to Hungary, the patient was a bit nervous. After being greeted at the airport by the Hair Palace driver, he was then taken to his accommodations which are provided by Hair Palace.

Mature hairline treatment Budapest, Hungary

Still a bit nervous, which most patients are, the patient headed to the clinic where he met his doctors. After a consult with the doctors and some background on the procedure, the patient felt more at ease and confident in his decision. It was a painless procedure and the patient was finished at 4:00 in the afternoon.

The patient and doctor went over the post-op care instructions and was given a clean bill of health. No post-op pain as the patient jumped on board a flight and headed home.

Initially the patient went to a clinic in the UK for a consult and was quoted £10,500 for a procedure of less than 6,000 hairs. In Hungary the cost of hair loss surgery was £3,390 for the 6000 hair transplant. With a savings over £7,000 there is no doubt the patient made the correct decision in coming to Budapest. Although completely satisfied with the transplant, the patient will be returning to Budapest for a second transplant to make his hair denser.

The procedure has left the patient more confident, pushed him to go back to the gym and lose weight, and provided a much happier life. The success of the transplant really sinks in when he sees pictures of himself before the procedure.

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