Celebrety hair transplant UK

Men from the UK do not have some genetic advantage with regards to hair loss, and they are just like other men from around the globe, always worrying about hair loss. But if you look at many celebrities (I’ll use that term loosely) from the UK, you would think that there might be something in the water that provides a full head of hair. Well gentleman, it’s all smoke and mirrors, and while the average guy suffers, these celebrities strut their Elvis pompadour. Fortunately, a few show their mortality (i.e. Wayne Rooney) with acknowledged hair transplants, although these people are few and far between.

Who are the famous comb-over celebrities?

For many with a good head of hair and those without, there is certain “hair humor” that puts us all in stiches. A good comedian can turn any subject onto its head and provide something to remember for the ages. For those from the UK who are of a certain age, who can possibly forget the hilarious commercial for Hamlet cigars. Greg Fisher, the infamous “Rab C. Nesbitt”, is trying to get the perfect picture in a Photo Booth. The comb-over is the star of the commercial and provides the perfect satire for a style that was common and somewhat popular in that era.

Speaking of UK combovers, Bobby Charlton from Manchester United in the 60s and 70s, had what could be described as possibly the worst “look” ever. In a controlled environment the comb-over is difficult to maintain at best, while in a professional sport such as soccer, even the most cooperative glue or hair spray can only do so much. Some of the images of Bobby in action can only be a describes as “what the f**k are you thinking”! His older brother Jack who played for Leeds, had some issues later in life, but paled in comparison to his younger brother Bobby.

A few other famous Brits with the comb-over have been Anthony Burgess and Desmond Morris. These two had the distinction of being serious individuals and in most cases felt that this look actually worked for them. With a lot of primping, a great stylist and a controlled environment, they were able to make the best of their hair, although “best” is a relative term when it comes to comb-overs.

The issue for all of these celebrities and athletes is that the solutions were not what they are today. With Hair Transplants being as advanced as they are, there is no real reason not to have a good head of hair to stop receeding hairline, if you so desire. Even the Toupee of the past has advanced to the Hair Prosthetic, which many actors use for specific roles and for their day to day adventures and public appearances.

Who are the footballers with Hair Transplants?

If a celebrity has never admitted to a hair transplant, then there are always some questions as to their status. Although the one superstar that we are certain has had a hair transplant is Wayne Rooney of Manchester United. Rooney has confessed publicly to his hair loss, and its easy to see the progression or “regression” from a young 17-year-old at Old Trafford, to a seasoned veteran at Manchester United. The transformation is stunning and instead of doing the famous Booby Charlton comb-over, Wayne opted for the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) instead of the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation).

The difference between the 2 procedures is that the FUE transplants individual hairs, which takes more time but affords a better outcome. The FUT system involves donating a strip of hair with many follicles and requires less surgical time. Each has their own benefits and it is up to the patient and doctor to discuss which procedure suits the patient’s needs.

Both Cesc Fabregas from Chelsey and Slaven Bilic from West Ham are both recipients of hair transplants to some degree. For these two players it’s not apparent what they had done or to how much, but most believe it was a hair transplant and not some type of prosthetic. For some men, it’s just not “manly” to admit to cosmetic surgery such as hair transplants and they would rather keep the fans guessing.

So, what is the deal with David Beckham’s hair?

Beckham’s hair has long been a topic since his early day at Old Trafford and then onto Real Madrid. The early discussion was not about hair loss but hair styles and the creative ways in which Becks would use his hair as a statement of coolness. With a full head of hair, David Beckham was able to invent new styles and influence the men’s hair industry. But as he aged, the discussion turned from styles to hair transplants.

Sir David has been the subject of many hair forums and conversations between blokes. Never admitting to a transplant, Beckham seems to enjoy the speculation and banter while staying mum on the subject. Most experts believe that Becks has had the FUE procedure and many pictures show that this is the case. But what a lesson in the quality of the current FUE procedure that with all the exposure Beckham has, most people are not sure of his hair transplant. This says a lot for the technology and how natural a hair transplant procedure can be for anyone.

Can anyone have hair like the Manchester superstar David Beckham?

The good news is that the FUE and FUT procedures are available to everyone and that they are affordable to the average person. Unfortunately for those UK celebrities and superstars, who had the procedures in the UK, the cost of a hair transplant was very expensive. But don’t let the cost deter you, as a quick flight to Budapest, Hungary from most cities in the UK will fix this.

With the cost of accommodations included in the procedure, medical tourists to Hungary can still save up to 70% of the total cost. The patient’s out of pocket expense is the airfare, which averages between £100-£150 for a roundtrip/return ticket. Budapest is also one of the only cities that offers the FUE Safe System treatment, which is the latest and most technically advanced procedure available anywhere in the world.

For the David Beckham look, head to Budapest and put the comb-overs of the past in your rear-view mirror!