Receding hairline men treatment

A hairline is where your hair meets the forehead and for each and every one of us its unique. Specific hairlines have been used to defines one’s intelligence or even one’s sexual prowess and everything in-between. Hairlines come in all shapes and sizes and are usually “inspected” more by concerned men than by women. The reason for this is obvious as a receding hairline is an indications of hair loss and aging. You would be hard pressed to find a man over 25 years of age that doesn’t periodically do a quick scan of his changing hairline in the mirror.

Receding hairline men: style and types of hairlines

What is the significance of varying hairlines?

There is no real significance of different types of hairlines we are born with, although they do vary from gender, ethnicity and everything else that makes us special. There is of course the Norwood Scale which is a way to measure hair loss, although if you do not have a receding hairline, this is of no importance for this article. The most common hairlines are: receding, straight, widows peak, high, low and some irregular ones such as the cowlick. The cowlick is usually found in adolescents which will usually disappear as they become older. As someone with first-hand experience having a cowlick, this beast seems to have a mind of its own until it finally grows out in one’s late teens or early 20s.

Receding hairline men - how to stop it?We are all born with one type of hairline which will stay with us for most of our lives or will significantly change over time. People of certain ethnicities might be born with a high hairline although they will have the same amount of hair their whole lives. A higher or widows peak hairline does not necessarily indicate hair loss. Also, many men and women from Scandinavia are born with fine, blonde and thin hair, and still retain the same amount of hair their whole lives.

Many men from certain regions of the world such as the Mediterranean, Middle East and North Africa have a thick head of dark wavy hair. The hairlines in these regions are usually lower than most and many of these men usually have more hair on both their heads and bodies than Caucasian men. The large amount of hair on their bodies can be useful for future hair loss as hair transplants have progressed to the point of using body hair as donor hair for the head.

Moving hairlines come with age and if you have lived a long life, then chances are that your hairline will change. Just as with every other part of your body, changes will happen and most of the time it’s just part of the aging process and not hair loss. But if you are between 20-55 years of age and your hairline does start to recede, you are most likely experiencing hair loss.

What is the significance of a Receding Hairline?

Receding hairline signs and cureReceding hairlines are usually an early indication of hair loss in younger men. I say “younger” as most people after a certain age experience a receding hairline of some type. The receding line usually comes in the form of a widow’s peak or an “M”, which presents itself as loss on the upper sides of the forehead but with hair remaining in the middle. The other type is where the whole hairline on your forehead starts to recede. It can sometimes happen very quickly and needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.

The receding hairline in men, whether the whole thing or the widows peak, is usually a slower process and provides a better outcome with a hair transplant such as the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) system. With a receding hairline, the patient has the advantage of usually having a full head of hair on both the sides and back. These highly dense areas offer excellent donor hairs and can start to fill in the receding area. The transplants are gradual and offer a more natural look for the patient.

What is the best solution and treatment for a Receding Hairline?

There are many solutions for the receding hairline and a Hair Transplant is just one of them. The most popular is the hair prosthetic which many celebrities use. In Jude Law’s early days of his receding hairline, the prosthetic worked very well and was convincing. The FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) is another option, although the way a receding hairline such as the widow’s peak is patterned, the strip method might look a bit unnatural and difficult to perfect.

There is no doubt among the experts that the FUE Safe System, which is offered in Budapest, is the most natural looking and efficient transplant method for a receding hairline. As mentioned above, the receding hairline is the most manageable type of hair loss. But one thing that we will discuss in another article is when you should have a hair transplant with regards to age and health. In short, the sooner you get the transplant done, the better the outcome. Even with a receding hairline time is against you, so consult with your doctor and begin your first step to a full head of natural looking hair!