What Is The Best Hair Transplant Clinic?

Interested in getting a hair transplant in UK or maybe in Hungary? Here’s how to do it right!

FUE hair clinic - new hairline design, get back your old look

Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation (FUE), or simply, hair transplants have dramatically advanced in the last ten years. When performed right, transplant procedures, unlike the old-fashioned hair plugs, is a very refined outpatient hair restoration process; one that produces full and natural looking results.

What exactly is a hair transplant?

Hair transplant surgery simply relocates bald resistant hair follicles from donor area on your own scalp to your thinning areas. Deciding to have a hair transplant treatment is only the first step; selecting the right physician is absolutely crucial. When considering a hair loss physician, make sure you find one that offers both surgical and non-surgical treatments. This will ensure that you are hiring a professional that is interested in your entire well-being. For some people, being treated holistically is critical; for others its not as important.

Hair replacement procedure UK or Hungary

The next step is to select the right hair implant procedure for your situation. Take into consideration the procedure itself and FUE hair transplant surgery downtime. Also ask to see before and after photos of the different procedures offered by your physician. After that, if you are still a little nervous, ask to speak with other patients that have had the procedure that you are most interested in.

Take your time in deciding what is best for you; chances are, you didn’t lose your hair over night, so don’t make hasty decisions to correct the situation. Keep in mind that this is undoubtedly last a lifetime, so this is a big decision.

Aside from making the best-educated choice for your lifestyle, you also have to keep in mind that though you have the transplant procedure, your hair will not be exactly as it was before you lost it. Just know that your hair will never be as full as it was before and the texture may be different than it was before it started thinning.

FUE is permanent, natural and the only lasting solution to hair loss

However, if your hair replacement procedure is performed correctly, not even your hair stylist will detect that you have had a hair loss surgery. But the procedure and hair transplant clinic you select is absolutely critical since most hair surgeons today are still using outdated procedures.

There aren’t an abundance of hair transplant surgeons that perform truly state of the art FUE hair transplantation; reason being is because the most advanced procedures and techniques require very high levels of skill, experience, and staff time.

Hair clinic services, worth it?

To perform the latest and greatest hair replacement procedures requires a high level of quality clinic, on that employs a well-trained staff that is dedicated to doing hair transplants exclusively. The hair restoration clinics (whether UK or Hungary) that do make these investments are able to provide their patients with naturalness and fullness in only one surgical session, rapid healing, and optimal use of their limited donor hair.

However, having such an exclusive, specialized practice isn’t practical for many hair clinics. Hair rejuvenation services tend to be expensive (not in Hungary, where you can save 60% on local hair loss surgery cost) and provide a limited clientele, so clinics need to offer other services to keep their doors open. With the advances in science, optimal follicular unit extraction hair restoration procedure, patients to achieve extremely natural results because it recreates and mimics the way a person’s hair grows naturally, hair for hair.