Hair restoration

Hair restorartion with PRP therapy, Mesotherapy and hair transplantTreatment for Hair Loss should not be taken lightly as there are many methods for a quality solution and it’s a life changing decision. Fortunately, there are many great options for those who are willing to jump on a plane and take advantage of what Hungary has on offer in the booming Medical Tourism industry.

Apart from the quality of care you receive, there is ample opportunity to save over 50% of what you would pay in your home country, as well as the opportunity to travel to beautiful Hungary and experience something old and something new.

What to look for in Hair Restoration

If you’re looking for a toupee or hair extensions, then you are just as well getting these procedures done in the country in which you reside. These are not complicated procedures and are very inexpensive compared to hair transplants. It would not be worth the time and money to go elsewhere as there are plenty of places to have this done

Hair Loss treatments more specifically hair transplants are not only a big expense, they are highly advanced surgical techniques which should be done by highly qualified and certified professionals in a modern and safe environment. As with any type of surgery, your well-being and health is paramount and there is no need to take risks. Many of the hair transplant surgeons in Hungary are local Hungarians and ex-pats from abroad who have decided to work and take up residence in this wonderful country and capitalize on the growing medical tourism industry in Hungary

What are the Hair Transplants Techniques?

There are two main and current procedures for hair transplants. There is the Strip Donor Procedure (FUT/Strip) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The FUE has become the gold standard in hair transplants and is becoming even more advanced with the introduction of new medical devices. The FUE system consists of removing units of hair in the scalp which have hair, and surgically place them in small groups into the thinning or bald area. This can be done with 1, 2, 3, and 4 strands of hair and is of course a very precise but rewarding method.

The Strip Donor Procedure (FUT/Strip) takes less time and is less expensive than the other procedures. This process includes taking a strip of scalp from the donor area and using groupings of follicles to transplant in the area in need of hair. The technique has been around for quite a while and was the leading procedure before the FUE system was created. The one problematic downside is that this procedure leaves a long scar where the strip of scalp was removed and if you decide to cut your hair short, there will be a visible scar.

The FUE system was created as the advances in special medicalized instruments were introduced, as well as a highly advanced robotic system or ARTAS. The ARTAS System was developed by Restoration Robotics Inc and is the device used for FUT. Robotics might seem somewhat futuristic, but with the surgery happening on almost a micro level, robots provide assistance for those more difficult precise procedures. This procedure can take more time and is the most expensive of the procedures, but the results are fantastic and only a trained eye would be able to notice that a transplant had been done.

There now is available the FUE2 Safe System method for transplants of the scalp. A more advanced version of the FUE System, this procedure offers many advantages beyond the original procedure. With the Safe System, there is a lower chance of damaging the hair follicles and scalp, no visible scars, decrease in procedure time, as well as the ability to use donor hair from other parts of the body such as chest hair and hair from the back of the ear.

What is Mesotherapy for Hair Loss and does it work?

Mesotherapy for hair loss is a non-surgical procedure for growing hair and for stopping or decreasing the rate of hair loss. The procedure requires no anesthesia and is usually performed over 8 sessions. The process involves injecting nutrients, vitamins and other natural supplements into the thinning area which will increase blood circulation, initiate cell metabolism, neutralize excess DHT, reduce infection and provide a healthy environment for the hair to grow. The Mesotherapy approach focuses on natural hair growth and the belief that the loss of hair, although genetic, is also caused by lack of certain nutrients and the overall health of the individual.

The million-dollar question is ……………… does Mesotherapy work for hair loss? There are arguments on both side as to its effectiveness and it is something that cannot be answered on this site. There are many skeptics in the medical community as too its effectiveness and to these groups, the documentation is questionable. Remember, it’s a natural solution to hair loss, which means no surgery, no drugs and minimal side-effects. As the cost is much less then hair transplants, it is a safe alternative for those would do not want surgery and/or looking for a cheaper alternative.

The best advice is to review all your options for treating hair loss, speak to the professionals who perform these procedures and do your own research. If you are going to get the Mesotherapy, then you must be comfortable with your decision and follow the post procedure instructions from your doctor for optimal growth.

What is the Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) method and is it successful?

This method consists of using the patient’s own blood to stimulate hair growth via the platelets (from plasma) in your blood. The patient first has blood taken from his arm, which is similar to taking blood in other situations. The blood is then placed in a centrifuge which after being spun at a high rate of speed, separates the blood into different substances. The Platelet Rich Plasma which is one of the byproducts is then injected into the areas of the scalp which are bald or balding, thus providing the nutrients to stimulate hair growth. No anesthesia injection is required although a numbing cream is used for the injected area. The PRP method is also used for skin rejuvenation, particularly on the face, and is a popular way to get rid of those wrinkles which come with age and lifestyle.

As with any hair replacement procedure, there are those who are considered better candidates and those who are not. With the PRP procedure, the best results come from hair which has started to thin in the past few years and more recently, and not someone who is completely bald. The procedure is also used in conjunction with other methods such as Minoxidil. The success is usually somewhere in the 80% range, although this includes hair loss slowing and stopping completely.

The procedure is usually divided up in 6 sessions and each session lasts for roughly a half hour. The cost is more than the Mesotherapy treatment but less expensive than the hair transplants.

So why Hungary for Hair Transplants?

Cost, quality, care and experience are the reasons to come to this beautiful country as a medical tourist. The cost is markedly cheaper than hair transplant procedures in Europe and the rest of the world, as well has being under the care and supervision of some of the most highly qualified doctors and hair professionals in the world. And if this is not enough, you will have the chance to visit and experience one of the most beautiful and welcoming countries in all of Europe. Follow in the steps of the thousands of other medical tourists before you and profit from your European neighbor!

There is a good chance that your transplant can be done in the country which you reside and most likely very near to your home. The question which presents itself is, will I be getting the best care and most qualified doctors, and is the price of this procedure something that I can afford and will not break the bank.

As with any Medial Tourism procedure, there are many options for both inexpensive and excellent care. While many countries in Europe market Medical Tourism, Hungary has been ranked at as one of the leading countries for medical tourism for a variety of procedures. Since we are focusing on hair transplants, we will stick with this topic.

Hungary has been doing this for quite some time and has become a destination for people from all over Europe and elsewhere. With so many students from abroad going to medical school here in Budapest, it’s no wonder Hungary is a leader in hair transplants.