Hair loss Cure – Hair transplant surgery: Act in time

How great would it be to turn back time to a period in your life when the decisions you made were based on proper information and well-thought out? We have all heard the advice of those who know better but as the reckless and self-righteous youth we are, we seem to ignore it at our own peril. Well let me give those young men who are follicly challenged a word of advice, the sooner you address your hair loss the better off you will be and the better chance of regaining your youthful appearance.

Hair transplant done in time

Why should Hair Loss treatment should be addressed at an early age?

When we use the term “early age” we are not talking about your early teens but are referring to the stages of your hair loss, and the sooner you address the loss the better any treatment will be for you. Most hair loss treatments require a healthy patient resulting in a healthy scalp. Even if you’re just taking over the counter medication such as Minoxidil or Finasteride, you need to be healthy for the drugs to take affect along with the drugs not harming the rest of your body.

The Hair Loss solution with the best results is of course a Hair Transplant using the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method. This procedure entails extracting hair follicles from the part off the scalp which has plenty of hair and implanting it into the balding or thinning area. This procedure is considered surgery, and with any surgical procedure, the healthier the patient the better the results.

What are some of the problems older patients face with Hair Transplants?

With age comes changes in the body, some of which are noticeable and some which are not. But one of the effects of age is the ability to heal and the ability of the immune system to fight off infections. Both of these body functions are essential in a successful hair transplant.

When undergoing a Hair Transplant surgical procedure, which is slightly invasive, both the donor area and implanted area will need to heal properly to afford a natural look. Much less invasive than decades ago, it is still important for both areas of the scalp to be able to recover from the surgery. Healing is also a significant part of the implanted follicles to grow in the new area of the scalp.

The immune system needs to be strong to fight off any infection which is a common side effect of all surgery. From a minor laceration to full blown surgery, an infection can not only impact the success of the surgery but can also have long lasting and sometimes tragic consequences. Obliviously a hair transplant is less likely to cause any issues, but if your immune system is compromised than there is that risk. We are not breaking new ground here as we all know the older you become, the more time it will take to heal and recover from an illness.

What about medical issues preventing me from undergoing a Hair Transplant?

One common question concerns both Hair Transplants and Diabetes. Both the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and WHO (World Health Organizations) estimate that approximately 8.5% of the world population suffers from Diabetes. Also, roughly 22% of patients in University Hospitals suffer from Diabetes and approximately 25% suffer from Pre-Diabetes. The point I’m making with these statistics is to impress upon you the number of Diabetics and the how much it effects one’s health.

Type 1 Diabetes, which is a condition a person is born with and usually discovered at a young age, is in most cases unpreventable and incurable. The Diabetes can go into remission for a very long time, but the patient will never be cured. Type 2 Diabetes which was referred to as Adult Diabetes, is now being discovered in children because of the prevalence of childhood obesity.

Type 2 Diabetes is in most cases something which occurs later in life (45 and over) and more appropriate for our discussion about Hair Transplants and age. The reason for adults getting this usually concerns weight gain, inactivity and loss of muscle mass. Diabetics can undergo a Hair Transplant but only under certain health conditions. Issues which must be taken into consideration when getting approved for a transplant are controlled blood sugar, hormone levels, wound healing, and the and immune system.

Probably the most important factor in a successful Hair Transplant is how well the implanted hairs respond. Diabetics suffer from very poor blood flow and without proper care are prone to the loss of toes, feet and sometimes legs. Improper blood flow to the scalp is one of the number one causes of an unsuccessful transplant. The older you are the higher the chance of getting Type 2 Diabetes, which in-turn inhibits proper blood flow which in the end can be a huge factor in a Hair Transplant becoming successful.

Increasing Hair Loss

Your hair loss might slow, but as you get older it will continue and prevent you from having a Hair Transplant. Since you use your own hair for a transplant, there must be enough donor hair. As you age you will continue to lose hair, which in turn will require more donor hair that won’t be available the older you become. In most cases the hair comes from either the side or back of the scalp which is also susceptible to male pattern baldness.

Many issues can occur from the time you start to lose your hair, to the time you finally decide to get a transplant. If you’re waiting for the magic cure, then you will be waiting for a while. The sooner you get a Hair Transplant the better chance you will have of enjoying a natural head of hair at an age which you can enjoy it.

Why do most younger people put off having a Hair Transplant?

Aside from a bit of anxiety most men feel that a quality transplant is too expensive. They would rather wait until they can afford it and not burdened with a significant amount of debt. Many men of this age are getting married, buying a house and starting a family, which is no doubt a huge financial burden. But with a bit of research and information from this article, a professional Hair Transplant is affordable without giving up quality.

Research for the UK, US and Western Europe shows Hair Transplants costing over $/£/€ 10,000. Fortunately, not too far from the UK and Western Europe is Hungary which in the past 2 decades has become one of the most popular medical tourism destinations in the world. As part of the EU (European Union) Hungary is regulated by the same high standards as the rest of Europe and is at the cutting edge of Hair Transplant technology. All one needs to do is to check out our reviews and see what former and current patients are saying about their experience.

The best part of this is that the cost of the procedure can be up to 70% (including accommodations) less expensive than in the above-mentioned countries. Although a cosmopolitan city, Budapest has a low cost of living which translates into affordable private medical procedures. The Western trained doctors and staff are some of the best in the business and have a reputation second to none.

Don’t wait until you are no longer eligible for a transplant and contact us for free consultation which is the first step to a full head of natural hair.