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Feel free to ask any question regarding our Hair Clinic or our hair restoration services and we will contact you to answer your queries immediately. Our Hair Clinic in Budapest, Hungary offers high quality treatment performed by hair surgeons (doctors) at an affordable price with a written guarantee. We use the latest FUE-2 technology to extract grafts and implant hair. We do over 400 hair loss surgery treatments a year. Get in touch with us so that you can step on the way of getting back your old look! Fill in the form below and we will get back to you with our best prices and treatment plan! Our hair loss surgery is painless, scar-free and a low-cost hair restoration treatment.

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FUE-2 Safe System

  • is the most advanced hair transplant procedure
  • leaves no visible scars
  • is a minimally invasive intervention
  • is an affordable, low cost hair loss surgery
  • is performed by real doctors
  • offers quick recovery time
  • results in a natural look
  • allows new hairline design
  • meets EU standards and regulations
  • comes with a written guarantee for 18 months
  • can be applied with FOX negative patients as well
  • allows obtaining more grafts in a single session
Book Now: Hair Transplant Budapest, Hungary
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