Hair transplant Turkey: Low cost but what quality?

Hair Transplant Turkey - Cost, Quality, ProblemsIt is sometimes true that “get what you pay for” and when it comes to your health and well-being, you need to focus on what’s best for you. Surgery and other medical procedures are expensive, but there are opportunities to save large sums of money. In the case of Hair Transplants and Turkey, there is a growing trend for not only affordable transplants, but downright cheap procedures. There are many factors which contribute to this pricing, although not all of them are positive. With hair implants costing €2,000 including accommodations, its no wonder many patients are exploring Turkey. Read our review based on The Bald Truth video and see our comments.

Are the prices in Turkey compared to Europe realistic for quality care?

Spencer Kobren’s The Bald Truth Ep 127 – Going Turkey For A Cheap Hair Transplant? Watch This First! from Spencer Kobren’s The Bald Truth on Vimeo.

The interview is very informative and discusses the Turkish Hair Transplant market and the types of clinics on offer. With between 250-300 clinics, there are bound to be significant differences in the quality of the procedures and the post-op care. With 20 surgeries per day at some clinics, its easy to see how the care can be sub-par.

Below are the 3 types of clinics in Turkey as described in video

  • There are those clinics where there is no doctor involved in the procedure, which is performed by an assistant or clinician. In these cases, the Doctors names and their credentials are used to market the clinic, but in truth there is no active participation from the doctors. Doctors in this case have ZERO input and technicians dictate the whole procedure!
  • Some clinics are supervised/managed by certified doctors, although the doctors rarely perform the hair transplant procedure. The doctors do supervise and manage the assistants and will keep tabs on the procedure.
  • The best clinics are those that are not only owned and managed by the doctors but those where the doctors are participants in the procedures. Not only are all procedures supervised but most are performed by the surgeon.

What can I expect from these inexpensive hair transplants in Turkey?

As you can see, the quality of the Hair Transplants is an indication of the prices the patient pays. With more clinicians and assistants performing the procedure, the need for quality doctors is not a priority, thereby passing down the savings to the patients. Unfortunately, in many cases, the assistants and clinicians are not certified for these procedures and their experience and training is below the standards we expect in Europe and the U.S.

Another issue which needs to be addressed concerns the sales tactics of many of these assembly line clinics. Because the industry in Turkey is so competitive, many of these clinics will use tactics that are unsavory and unacceptable. As a vulnerable and sometimes scared patient, they will use your lack of ability to reason against you. Once you are in that environment and part of their system, it is difficult to make informed and clear decisions regarding your transplant. The above video provides much of this in detail and is a great introduction to what to expect when going to Turkey.

Differences between Turkey and Europe regarding hair transplants

First, let me just say that not all Hair Transplant clinics in Turkey are sub-par, as there are many good doctors that perform high quality procedures with the highest standards. The problem is with those that have the doctors in a secondary role and are not active participants in the procedure. Although a bad hair transplant is problematic, there are also short-term and long-term medical issues which can occur from a bad transplant.

Europe has some of the strictest and most regulated laws when it comes to medical procedures of all types. As most countries are part of the EU (European Union) standards for Hair Transplants fall under a widely regulated system of checks and balances. In Hungary which is part of the EU and one of the top medical tourism destinations in the world, you will find nothing but the highest quality of skilled surgeons, clinicians and technicians.

The quality of care which you would receive in the U.S., Germany, France, U.K., etc., is what you can expect in Hungary and in some cases even better. In Hungary you will never find a technician run clinic or anything resembling this. The clinics here are run and managed by doctors who are involved in every surgical procedure. Procedures in Hungary are also backed up by a guarantee which include post-op care and consultation. Much of this is for your benefit, as the doctors are always concerned about your well-being and the success of the transplant.

Cost of hair transplant: alternatives to Turkey to get low cost, high quality surgery

The cost of these transplants in Hungary are significantly less expensive than the above-mentioned countries and carries a top-notch reputation for quality care. As one of the only European cities with doctors certified in the FUE Safe System procedures, there is no other city providing more cutting-edge technology. You will find that the prices in Turkey will be a bit less expensive, although this all comes at a price and that price is your health.

Hair Loss can significantly impact the confidence and self-esteem of all men, and the solution to this should be treated as an important part of your future. Saving a few dollars can be the difference between and full head of healthy hair and a lifetime of struggle and complications. Due diligence is a significant part of this process as is the confidence in the clinic to perform its duties. You will find all of this in Hungary at an affordable rate and with doctors whose concern is your overall health.