Hair transplant cost in Budapest, Hungary

Hair transplant costs UK vs world compaired: Poland, Turkey, India, Hungary, Thailand

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Find out how much you can save by getting Hair transplants done in Budapest, Hungary! As a traditional dental tourism receiver Hungary has good records with dealing with foreign patients. Male patients from abroad (UK, Ireland, France) have discovered Budapest as the current hot spot for hair restoration travels. Hair loss surgery prices come one of the lowest in Europe and you will be amazed to see the results when you choose our Hair Clinic.

What most European men with receding hairlines or thinning hair or bald patches find in Budapest is affordable prices, high standard of services and assistance in all stages of hair loss treatment with several years of experience to handle patients from abroad. And the most important feature of all: hundreds of statisfied customers leaving HairPalace Hair Clinic with  more than a hope to regain self-confidence and social vibrance. How to thicken your hair and get back the original density in just 1 day? Find out!

How much does hair transplant cost in Budapest?

PACKAGES Implanted hairs Free apartment nights Price (package) 5% cash payment 
Package 1000 1000 2 £1043 £990
Package 2000 2000 2 £1464 £1390
Package 3000 3000 2 £2095 £1990
Package 4000 4000 2 £2727 £2590
Package 5000 5000 3 £3148 £2990
Package 6000 6000 3 £3569 £3390

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Hair transplant cost in Budapest, Hungary
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