Cost differences in hair transplantation

Cost differences in hair transplantationStatistically hair loss is more prominent in men than women, but women are also looking for resolutions to their condition – if they suffer from baldness. Hair transplants are common solution to hair loss but many prospective patients are concerned about the cost of the procedure.

You need a specially trained physician to provide the best results.  The cost of this procedure in the UK varies among these specialists but mostly will between £2,000 – £15,000 depending on the patient’s condition and needs.  This is very expensive, that is why more and more patients are looking for skilled professionals specialized in hair transplant abroad.

Hair Transplant Abroad = Top Quality & Affordable Price

Many locations abroad, such as Hungary, can provide the same quality and professional results as the skilled professionals in the UK, but at a much lower cost.  Countries like Hungary can provide their services at a lower price because salaries are roughly about 1/5 as in the UK.

Some individuals will be concerned about the quality of a hair transplant abroad, at such an affordable cost, but the truth is the medical education and training in Hungary is at the same quality as in the UK.

Cost of a hair transplant surgery – how to save money?

The Cost of the Procedures

There are different types of hair transplant procedures which all have their own cost however prices can be different depending on where you have the procedure done.  For instance, a strip technique would cost in the UK about £ 2,300 for 1,000 grafts (approx. 2,200 hairs), where as in Hungary the cost would be about £1,100. If a patient wants the more advanced FUE technique, 1,000 grafts (approx. 2,200 hairs) the hair transplant would cost in Hungary around £2,700 and £4,250 in the UK.