Hair prosthesis: a non-surgical hair replacement

Hair prostesis: better than toupee but not as good as hair transplantWhen we think of a prosthesis, we usually conjure up an image of a prosthesis limb such as an arm or a leg. Rarely do we think of a prosthesis hair implant, which is becoming a viable option for those we do not qualify for surgical implants or only temporarily need a hair loss solution.

Medical conditions which would warrant a hair prosthesis are alopecia areata, alopecia totalis, trichotillomania, chemotherapy and others. There is of course the obvious reason of thinning hair, receding hair line or even for casting purposes in a movie or play. Forget about the old toupees of the past and read on about this new and improved procedure for solving your full or partial hair loss problem.

If we conjure up an image of toupee or a wig, it is usually not one that compliments the look of the person wearing the “piece”. Fortunately, the images we have for these two are probably a bit dated and reference a bygone era of the 1960s. The 21st century version of these is the hair prothesis, which is leaps and bounds above the old solutions. The experience, creativity, skill and care that go into the hair prosthesis is quite fascinating and you will be amazed at the result.

What makes the Hair Prosthesis a suitable alternative?

Hair loss has many causes with both male and females, and in many cases the loss is temporary, especially in the case of chemotherapy. There are also those who are not ready for a surgical procedure due to the cost and permanence of a transplant. Whatever the reasons, a hair prosthesis is a viable and effective option. The seamless and advanced procedure is performed by specialists at licensed hair clinics whose only focus is the treatment of hair loss. Those who are not in the industry and who have little knowledge of this procedure, will be shocked as to the detail and expertise that go into the procedure.

What goes into the Hair Prothesis?

Clear your mind of any preconceived ideas of wigs, toupees, rugs, etc., and open your eyes to this high-tech procedure. You’re not walking into a store and buying an off the shelf wig, and instead getting a highly bespoke and functional hair loss solution. The procedure is more akin to getting fit for a prosthetic leg than just having something strapped to your head.

After the initial hair consultation and the decision is made to proceed, a sample of your hair will be taken as well as various measurements of your head. The measurements are obviously done to ensure a proper fit, and the hair samples are used for color, texture and thickness. The hair which is used for your prosthetic is natural human hair and is not colored. It is essential for the donor hair to be blended properly with your natural hair, as this is essential for a natural look. The hair is sent to the lab where it is perfectly matched for all 3 qualities.

Once a match is found the donor hair will be attached to a membrane, by skilled technicians, which will be the same color as your scalp. This provides a more seamless look from your skin/scalp to the colored membrane. The membrane is a specially developed material which allows the scalp to breath and to prevent any infection or bacteria to develop.

After the hair prosthetic is created, it is then properly fitted to the scalp. Sometimes the scalp does need to be shaved, and in other instances whatever hair there is on the scalp, the prosthetic can be put on top. The adhesive which is used is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial which ensures a tight and safe fit. This whole process takes some time and is essential in a proper look between the natural hair and scalp.

Next the certified hairdresser will trim both your natural hair and the hair of the prosthetic to properly blend the hair to give it that natural look. All types of hair and styles can be created for that natural and healthy head of hair. As your natural hair continues to grow, you will require upkeep and maintenance to ensure the natural blend and look. Depending on how fast your hair grows and the style of your hair, this can be once a month or bi-monthly. This schedule is very similar to those who have their hair colored, cut and/or styled on a regular basis.

Will my medical insurer cover the cost of non-surgical hair replacement?

In most cases, especially hair loss due to a medical condition, your health insurance will cover the cost. The term which is used for the insurance form is “extra-cranial prosthesis”, although it is always recommended to speak with your insurance provider with regards to any questions or concerns.

How natural does a Hair Prosthesis look when completed?

Many of you will be skeptical as your only frame of reference might be that of wigs and toupees. But after watching videos and seeing those who have had the procedure, you will be convinced. After a little research on the Internet, you will find many celebrities who you thought had a beautiful natural head of hair, but instead were clients of a hair prosthetic.

The Hair Prosthesis is a great alternative for hair loss. The cost and time involved is much less than the surgical implant solution and in many cases, looks even better. Although it is not a permanent solution such as surgery, in the right circumstances it can be the perfect solution to regain that youthful head of natural hair.

What is the best hair loss solution?

Although the Hair Prosthesis is a natural and viable alternative for those with certain medical conditions and who do not qualify for a Hair Transplant, our recommendation is for a transplant for those who qualify. As a permanent solution and the procedure being perfected, there is no other alternative in terms of cost, natural look and lifestyle that is better than a Hair Transplant. As the competition grows for Hair Transplants, the cost has come down quite considerably and the quality has increased exponentially. Hungary has proven this time and time again with its expertise, and it is no wonder it is the number one destination for all hair loss procedures and options. Sign up for a consultation and see for yourself how a trip to Hungary can change your life for the better.