Hair Transplant Before & After: Stages and timeline


  • Nicks Pre-Surgery Hair Loss Assessment
  • 2-Day Hair Restoration Procedure
  • Day of Hair Loss Surgery
  • Post-Surgery
  • Final-Results

Our last patient profile in which we reviewed Regis we discussed the importance of images and how they provide what the stages of a successful transplant may look like. In Nick’s case the images are just as important, but a quote from Nick provides insight into what most men feel who are experiencing hair loss.

Hair transplant result after 12 months

“My self confidence was very low having lost my hair and I didn’t like the older man I saw looking back at me in the mirror. I had thought about having a hair transplant for many years, but I didn’t think it would be in my reach and budget.”

One of the most common misconceptions about a Hair Transplant is that it is too expensive for the average man. Some “quick-fix” advertisements from places like Turkey seem too good to be true, which they are, but with a little research and investigation Nick was able to find an affordable option without the consequences of giving up quality. Budapest was Nick’s next destination where his life would be transformed.

Nick’s Transformation – Hair restoration at its best

Before 3000 grafts hair transplant image

Nick’s experience was a bit different than that of Regis as Nick already decided that he would undergo a transplant and that his assessment would be done online. This is the most common way for a consultation as it saves a lot of time. After the consult with the surgeons, it was decided that Nick would receive 6,000 hairs (he paid £ 3590 package price) and that it happens over 2 days instead of 1.

Many clinics in other countries such as Turkey will try to do the surgery in a day, no matter the number of hairs, which is not recommended. The reasons for this are the trauma to the head and patient, too much anesthesia, and the demand on the surgeon which could lead to costly mistakes.

Nick underwent the surgery less than a month after his initial consultation.

Nick’s Hair Loss Surgery – 6000 hairs / 3000 grafts

The front and the crown were the areas which Nick and the surgeon decided to address. All patients vary in their procedures and what is good for one patient might not be good for the other. In contrast to Nick, Regis decided to go for the one-day session and with only 4,000 hairs. Regis is also a bit more fair than Nick and his hair was much lighter which would provide different but successful results.

Nick and Regis both underwent the FUE 2 Safe System procedure which is the latest technology for this type of transplant. Although Nick had 6,000 and covered two days, the procedures were for the most part exactly the same.

Nick’s Post-Surgery – Hair implants to treat hair loss & receding hairline

One day after hair transplant surgery in Budapest, Hungary

After the surgery Nick’s head looked like all others who have their procedure done at our clinic. Some redness, swelling and the start of scabbing is what we would want post-surgery. In some countries such as Turkey, many clinics will cover the head with a bandage and its pretty hard to miss. Some patients might want to cover their heads because of the feeling somewhat insecure, which is ok, but just for the journey home. Any prolonged period with bandages could have negative consequences for the success of the transplant.

1 Year after Hair Transplant – Full head of hair after 12 months

Who would have thought that saving £6,000 could look so damn good! Nick’s procedure went precisely as an FUE 2 Safe System should go with all the stages. Its obvious that if you want to have the success that Nick has, it is essential to follow all the post-op care instructions and to fully disclose any medical issues during your pre-surgery check-up.

One year after hair restoration in Budapest, Hungary

Since we began the article with a quote from Nick, let’s end the article with an upbeat assessment from Nick himself on the success of the surgery.

“The Hair Palace results speak for themselves and this is just my first treatment of a two-treatment plan. I could not be happier. I feel like a new person and now the real me is looking back at me in the mirror again.”

Take a lesson from Nick and start the journey to your new life with a free consultation. No need to surrender quality for price as a quick trip to Budapest can save you money and give you a head of hair that you could have only imagined in your dreams. Feel free to check out our other, real life hair transplant results on our before and after hair transplant page.

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