Hair treatment steps

Hair treatment steps that lead to hair transplantHair loss comes in many forms for men, and in most cases, it does not occur overnight, unless there is a medical issue. It is a progression of sorts and one that men see occur gradually from different ages. It can start on the crown, the sides, around the whole scalp or in multiple areas. Once the hair loss begins, most men try to wish it away and pray that it is all in their head. Unfortunately, it is on their head and in most cases the slow loss is just the beginning.

When hair loss does occur, men start to look for reasons which usually begin with their father and then their mother’s father. It’s a fruitless endeavor as there is no correlation between your hair loss and any relatives. You could all have the same hair loss gene or Male Pattern Baldness, but in most cases, there is no way to predict who will be the unfortunate victim of hair loss. Forget the self-diagnosis and go see your doctor to determine what the best course of action will be to solve this issue.

Why is Hair Loss for men such a big issue?

Vanity is a common human emotion and afflicts both men and women. Many men would deny any type of vanity and narcissism, but it seems that when it comes to hair loss, it can be our Achilles Heel. None of us (or maybe not) wear makeup like women, get hair extensions, have our nails manicured, get our hair colored or undergo any king of body modifications (i.e. Tummy Tucks, Butt Implants, Liposuction, etc.). There are exceptions, but for this article lets stick with general rule and not the exception. But when it comes to hair loss, the bravado can be knocked out of us in an instant rendering us hopeless.

Men are not like Samson from the Book of Judges with his long locks and super-human strength. But we do carry around vanity in our DNA and on occasion or many occasions, look in the mirror and style our hair. As we get older, we do not car about grey hair, a bit of a gut, or wrinkles, but we do care about if we have hair or not. If it wasn’t an issue, do you think the market for hair loss treatment for men would be in the billion of dollars?

What is the next step to deal with Hair Loss?

Once your self-esteem and confidence starts to hit rock bottom, you need to start being proactive and looking for solutions. The first step is to speak with your doctor. Before you start wasting your time cruising the Internet at 2:00 in the morning looking for that “silver bullet”, take a step back and take a deep breath. Your best option is to see a doctor so as they can best assess your hair loss issue and discuss options for treatment. In most cases it will be a case of Male Pattern Baldness, although in some, it could be some underlying medical issue in which the Hair Loss is just a symptom of a more serious problem.

After a consult with your physician, you can then research your options for your particular hair loss. The Internet is full of treatments which are in some cases are very good and in others completely bullshit. It is overwhelming if you do not know what to look for and decide to read ever blog and check out every claim of hair growth. Read only the articles from reputable journals and publications and do not under any circumstances look for that magic pill, it does NOT exist!

Researching the best solutions to treat Hair Loss in Men

If you suffer form Male Pattern Baldness and want a permanent solution, then there are a few which have the track record of being successful. Men like to think they no how to get to a place without a map and like to believe that they are the ones who will find that special treatment. Once you’ve exhausted all other options from personal experience or from research, it is now ready to take the next step. As we keep saying it is not out there, but there are two methods (Transplant and Medications) that are proven time and time again.

It’s a serious decision either way and it is important to speak with your doctors, specialists if necessary and those who have had a transplant or used medications. The outcomes are very different as the transplant is minimally invasive with local anesthesia and Minoxidil and Finasteride non-invasive. There could be reason which surgery is not possible such as certain medical conditions, and in some cases, there those who because of their fear of surgery will not undergo this procedure. The same goes with the medications, as specific health reasons dictate that these are not options. Therefore, it’s important to do research and speak with those in the know.

At this point your confidence, although at rock bottom, is starting to grow as you anticipate having treatment for your hair loss. Instead of looking 10 years older than you are, there is a good chance you will look your age, if not younger. At this point there is no looking back and your ready to get this started.

You’ve made your decision and have decided on a hair transplant?

With all things being equal, you decide that you want to do it properly and opt for the hair transplant. After suffering from low of self-esteem and having your hair loss effect they way you view yourself and how others view you, you want something permanent. The FUE Safe System, for those who qualify is the most natural, permanent and safest method. I say safe because anytime you decide to take medications, there can be serious unwanted side effects both short and long-term. The decision also requires their use for the rest of your life, which can be both demanding and harmful to the body. If for some reason you decide to stop, all the hair growth gains will be lost.

The question now is where to get this treatment done so as to receive the best quality and cheapest price. Research has shown places such as Turkey and India as options for low-cost treatment. The cost can be up to 75% less expensive than in the US, UK, and Western Europe. But research shows that the quality of the procedure suffers immensely in these countries, from the unqualified doctors and assistants, to the ill-equipped surgical room. There is also the chance of post-op issues such as infections, which can lead to long-term health issues. With such a major decision in your life, you decide that it is not worth the chance to suffer consequences of a poor transplant.

FUE hair loss surgery abroad

The FUE Safe System which is offered in most other countries can be expensive and cost prohibitive. For those of us living on an average income, a hair transplant is unaffordable. There is a workable option which is less costly and without the sacrifice of quality.

Hungary has achieved the distinction in Europe and elsewhere as the medical tourism capital of the world, specifically in Hair Transplantation. The cost is approximately 70% less expensive (including accommodations) and the quality is on par or better than in the above-mentioned countries.

The final decision has been a long and difficult road and, in some cases, an emotional roller coaster. We all have reasons for tackling our hair loss problem, and there is no real solution accept the one you decide to undertake. It’s a personal decision that you must accept and be comfortable with making. The FUE Safe System for those who qualify is arguably the best solution out there. And with the highly qualified and affordable clinics in Budapest, it will be one of the best decisions that you ever make. Good Luck and we look forward to seeing you in Budapest.