Hair Transplant Canada vs. Hungary

Hair Transplant Canada vs. HungaryThere are many options for hair transplant surgery, more specifically in Canada and abroad. With the advances in microsurgery and other surgical techniques, it’s a buyer’s market for patients who are looking for the best deal in terms of cost and quality of care / outcome.

For those willing to travel abroad, the options increase as well as the competitiveness, especially in specific countries such as Hungary. Price difference is huge! Consider: replacement of one hair graft costs $2.55 on average in Budapest, Hungary! In Canada you usually pay about $8 for the same FUE method of hair transplant. This is where you can save a lot: 70% on average during your hair travel to Budapest!

What are my hair transplant options for Canadians?

Fortunately, there are many options for Canadians, unfortunately most hair transplant procedures are considered elective surgery and are not covered by the informally called Medicare system in Canada.

Canada has a fantastic reputation for elective surgery which offers first class outcomes for those receiving a hair transplant. The technology and surgeons are as good as anywhere in the world and you will not be left wanting for quality care. Because of its location near the US, Canadians can also fly or even drive to the US for all medical procedures including elective surgery.

The hair transplant procedures in Canada for lack of a better word are expensive! Because it is elective surgery and most procedures are not covered by insurance, all hair transplant procedures can be cost prohibitive. Since hair loss afflicts both rich and poor and everyone in-between, the cost can be a deterrent for having the procedure in Canada. Fortunately, there is a solution to the high price and the solution is Hungary!

Best hair transplant for Canadian male patients: high quality, low cost procedure in Budapest, Hungary

What does Hungary provide in terms of hair transplants?

If you are looking to compare Hungary vs. Canada in the hair transplant market, then we shall stick wit the facts and throw out any assumptions or opinions. With access to the Internet, 100% of this information is available online, although we will condense it here for your convenience. If you are not sure of what is stated, then the Internet can guide you through any questions or concerns you might have.

Hungary, for those who are geographically challenged, is a Central European country to the east of Austria, and is a part of the EU (European Union). This is an important fact, as being part of the EU, Hungary is part of a larger and modern system which regulates the health system. Keeping this in mind, you can be assured that all clinics, surgeons and systems are up to the standards of Western European countries as well as Canada.

The technology and expertise in Hungary did not just happen overnight and did not occur in a vacuum. With its medical schools and studies in science, Hungary has become a destination for students from abroad. Scandinavia, the Middle East and Southeast Asia are just some of the regions from where university students are coming. Many of those who study here decide to stay as the opportunity for employment is growing along with the medical tourism industry.

The lingua franca for medical tourism in Hungary is English. Most doctors are fluent in English as well as other languages. French, German, Dutch, Hungarian, Swedish, and Norwegian are just a few of the languages spoken. From childhood, Hungarians are taught English at school, which makes navigating this country very easy and safe.

Hungary has become a Mecca for medical tourism, and hair transplant procedures are among the most popular. There are many reasons to come to Hungary including its history, culture, architecture, landscape and friendly people.

Why choose Hungary over Canada for Hair Transplants?

Cost is always the main motivator for deciding on where to have any elective surgical procedure, although just one of many factors which should be considered. As they say, “you get what you pay for” and when having any surgical procedure, the quality of care should be the number one determining factor. We have all heard and seen the stories of surgeries gone wrong, with many being life threatening. To save a few extra dollars, you do not need to sacrifice quality of care. In the case of Hungary, you can save up to 75% of the hair transplant cost in Canada while receiving the same level of care.

An argument can be made that between the cost of airfare, hotel and other expenses, it is not worth a trip abroad to have hair transplant surgery. Unfortunately for those naysayers, the argument does not hold up in the case of Hungary. Even with travel expenses, the cost is affordably cheaper and provides many other benefits.

Flights to Budapest from Toronto: Travel to Hungary for your low cost hair transplant!

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Hair transplant surgery can be either done in one session or multiple, all depending on the amount of work needed to be done. After the surgery it is advisable that patients take time off from their jobs and allow the healing process to take its course. When coming to Hungary for the hair transplant procedure, you will be inundated with history, culture, architecture of this beautiful Central European country. Indoor and outdoor world-renowned spas/baths, restaurants, museums, the Danube, and a host of other pleasures. Even with these extracurricular activities, the total cost of travel and surgery will be up to 70% cheaper than in Canada.

Combine your surgery with a Holiday to Europe and experience a lifetime of great memories and a beautiful head of hair.

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