David Beckham Hair

David Beckham Hair TransplantFor a guy that retired from playing professional football a few years back, David Beckham still manages to make the “head” lines whatever he and his family are doing. Whether it’s his sulking wife Victoria who never smiles and seems to think of herself a supermodel, or his son who is still trying to find his talent, the Beckham family is the gift that keeps giving. The elephant in the room for David seems to be his magical talent of turning a full head of hair into something which is far from his slick pompadour and back again. This seems to be more of a reboot of sorts as we must go back and reexamine any previous statements and start from scratch.

What is the latest iteration of David Beckham’s every changing hair?

Most men would rather not criticize another man about his hair loss as it’s something which can inflict us all. There are two types of men, the ones who have lost their hair and the ones who will eventually lose their hair. Its just a matter of time for 99.9% of us, so we are usually reluctant to throw stones. Unfortunately for David Beckham, he and his family continue to remain in the spotlight, for better or worse, thus putting the microscope on various aspects of their lives, including David’s head. If you live by the sword, you will eventually die by the sword.

Recent photographs surfaced which put all speculation about his hair in flux and made many of us “experts” rethink our analyses of his situation. The one photograph which set many of us back was the image of David with a buzz cut and shirtless at an angle which is not flattering. The photograph seems to assume that his hair is thinning around his scalp, although has a patch upfront which seems to indicate a previous hair transplant. The transplanted area seems full and was probably done with the FUE process, providing a thicker area compared to the rest of the scalp. The rest of the hair seemed a bit thin and with the sum shinning and a sweaty scalp, the image could not have been worse for Beckham’s denial of any hair modifications.

A few days later we see Becks at a press conference where among other things, he seems to have a much fuller head of hair and a different set of teeth. The fuller head of hair in question is not a transplant which does not occur overnight and usually takes a full year to grow in and provide a fuller look. Many seem to believe, myself included, that Beckham is a fan of certain sprays, which when used attach to the hair providing a fuller, although less natural look. As far as the teeth go, we are not ones to criticize someone for a better smile, but it seems a bit overdone and unnatural.

Would it be better for Beckham and his fans if he came clean about his hair?

In the world of social media and as someone whose family is constantly in the tabloids, Beckham is always under the watchful eyes of both friends and foes. His every move, such as getting off a recent speeding ticket, gets scrutinized to the extreme. It’s a position of his own making while getting no help from his wife who seems to live in the fantasy land of social media. Regardless, most fans would think more of Beckham if he came clean to whatever is truly going on with his hair. Not only that, it would give many men the much-needed push to make a change and investigate the benefits of an FUE transplant procedure. With Budapest providing affordable and quality options, you do not need to have the bank account of Beckham to achieve that full head of hair.

Then again, hair transplants are just for those mere mortals, and the Beckham clan seems to think they live in another realm of reality.