Ryanair Dublin to Budapest – UK hair transplants

Hair transplant in Budapest within 3 hours' flight from Dublin, Birmingham, Manchester, LondonUnless you’ve been living in a cave or spending too much time in your local Pub, there is no doubt you are familiar with Ryanair. Established in 1984 and headquartered in Swords (Dublin), Ireland, Ryanair serves Europe, Africa and the Middle East. As a low-cost carrier Ryanair has made travelling throughout Europe inexpensive, which has opened up tremendous opportunity for those Holiday makers, Businessmen and the Medical Tourism Industry. Based out of Dublin Airport (Aerfort Bhaile Átha Cliath) and London Stansted in the UK is Europe’s second largest airline.

Being strategically place in both the U.K. and Ireland, Ryanair provides inexpensive routes that were once costly and inconvenient. With prices so cheap, a long weekend to Central Europe is both affordable and easy. With this being said, there are opportunities for those looking to travel abroad for inexpensive and quality medical procedures.

Discover Budapest, Hungary for hair transplants

Medical Tourism in Hungary had been growing because of its cost and quality, as well as affordable airfare from other parts of the Continent. Even with the cost of airfare and accommodations, hair transplant surgery in Hungary can be up to 60% cheaper than in the UK and Ireland. In 2.5 hours or less, you will arrive in the Hungarian capital of Budapest and experience Central Europe at its best.

For those who live by the old adage “you get what you pay for” and are skeptical about great “deals”, you will find that hair transplants in Budapest do not fall into this category. Because Hungary is part of the European Union, all of its medical staff and procedures fall under the regulatory system and body as Ireland and the UK and provide service equal or better than medical clinics in these countries.

Your Hair Clinic: 3 hours’ flight away: Dublin, Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham

There is a reason why Ryanair is so successful and that is because of its quality service and competitive airfares. With a stellar safety record and a fleet of 400 Boeing 737-800s and orders for another 115 737s and 200 737 Max 200s, Ryanair can compete with the likes of British Airways at the fraction of the cost and get you from point A to point B in the same time. In 2018 Ryanair flies from Dublin, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and London to Budapest, your ideal hair loss surgery location! Besides hair surgery male patients get free accommodation and transfers with a prelminary local consultation option!

From Dublin, London, Birmingham, Manchester and Bristol: Fly to Budapest and get your hair transplant done in 2 days and save 60-70%!!

Hungarian Medical Tourism works on the same concept and provides quality Hair Transplants at the fraction of the cost of the rest of Europe. Hungary has become so popular for Medical Tourism, that it is focusing on other procedures such as dental. This has become a highly popular industry as it focuses on everyone from Men, Women and Children.

It’s a great time to capitalize on these opportunities of medical choice and with the advent of airlines such as Ryanair, your medical tourism travel is affordable, and the opportunities abound. “A punch in time saves nine” act as early as possible to save more of your original hair crown!

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