Wayne Rooney Hair Transplants

We all know that Wayne Rooney has had 2 hair transplants costing a whopping £30,000. We also know that there are other celebrities before Wayne who have had hair transplants, but it wasn’t until Wayne publicly said so, did the public react. Now of course Wayne is always under the spotlight with regards to his hair and it seems that every time he is in public, which is a lot, his transplant and hair growth is scrutinized. As of late, the focus has been on his still thinning hair and the many iterations it seems to go through……so what the hell is happening with Wayne?

Wayne Rooney hair transplant

Was Wayne Rooney’s Hair Transplant a success or not?

It seems that Wayne Rooney’s hair comes and goes depending on which situation he is in. Sometimes on the football pitch he seems to have a full head of hair resulting from the 2 transplants. Then in other situations, more specifically in the public, there images of his hair which are not too flattering and look a bit thin. Many issues can be at work here, but unless we hear directly from Mr. Rooney, all of these are pure speculation.

There are rumors that Wayne uses a spray which can be used for a quick solution to make the hair appear thicker. This temporary solution is sprayed onto the existing hairs which creates a distinctive look. Although nothing new to the industry, this is probably the most likely case in Rooney’s situation. But why does he need to use this product if he already had 2 hair transplants for a total cost of £30,000?

No procedure is perfect, and no scalps are the same. Results vary from clinic to clinic and patient to patient. In Rooney’s case, it seems that the initial two transplants we somewhat successful, but not a complete restoration. This could be due to his genetics as well as how the procedures were done. If you look at the before pictures, Rooney has significant hair loss on the crown of his head, while the hair on the sides and back is not as full as it once was. This is a strong indication that although he had 2 transplants, he will continue to lose hair all around his head. This is unfortunate and something that cannot be remedied by continual transplants. The donor areas of the scalp are essential for a successful transplant, and if these areas are thinning as well, your options diminish.

Another issue which is sometimes not properly discusses is post-op care. As important as the transplant itself, the post-surgery care by the patient can be the decisive factor in the equation. Any surgery must be followed by day and weeks of rest and proper diet (i.e. Lifestyle). Exercise, Alcohol, Smoking and other activities can in many cases have a huge effect on the outcome for better or worse. The most common reason for an unsuccessful transplant is the patient not heeding the advice of the surgeon. I am not saying this is the case for Wayne, but for an athlete it is a likely cause as its difficult to keep any athlete from exercising and doing what they do best.

Are there other hair loss options for Mr. Rooney?

We have already discussed the very temporary solution of a spray-on concealer which is not a long-term remedy. Another avenue which Wayne can take is the use of topical solutions such as Minoxidil and Rogaine. These two products which have been out for years and been proven effective can slow or stop hair loss, while in many cases regrow hair.

One of the benefits of these two products is that they can be used on the whole scalp and not just the balding areas. This helps those who such as Mr. Rooney have thinning hair all around the scalp and are predisposed to certain conditions. There could also be an underlying health condition which Wayne suffers from, but as far as we know this is not the case although cannot be ruled out.

If I do decide on a Hair Transplant, will it cost me £30,000?

This figure is very high and considered to be the most anyone will pay for a transplant, especially one that is not that successful. So, the short answer to the above question is an emphatic NO! If you are willing to take a 2-hour flight to one of the best capital cities in Europe, then your options abound. For savings of approximately 75% you can have an affordable hair transplant without sacrificing quality and your health.

For those in the UK and Europe, a two hour or less flight to Budapest, Hungary is where you can go to achieve fantastic results at an affordable price. With Budapest becoming the Medical Tourism capital of Europe and elsewhere, the clinics have honed their craft in providing top-notch care at great prices. The doctors are highly trained as many come from abroad to study at the medical schools as well as multi-lingual. As Hungary is a part of the European Union, all of the clinics, hospitals, etc., must comply with all EU rules and regulations.

Because of the time you must spend in Budapest, which usually equates to two or three nights, the cost of accommodations is included in the price of the transplant. This translates into the patient paying for a roundtrip/return airline ticket, which on average is around £400 depending on the airline. With both discount carriers (Ryan Air, Wizz Air, easyJet, and Jet2.com) and national carriers (British Airways, Aer Lingus, Alitalia, Air France, KLM, and Lufthansa) flying direct to Budapest, there will be no issues finding a flight from your home city.

It’s a more than viable option to fly to Budapest to receive the most technologically advanced hair transplant procedure using the FUE Safe System technique. As one of only a few cities who have certified clinics that use this technique, your transplant outcome will surpass anything that you could have imagined.

For a life changing experience at an affordable price, come to Budapest and see what Wayne Rooney missed out on by not coming to Hungary.