Celebrity hair transplant

A product endorsement from a popular celebrity (actor, athlete, singer, etc.) can change the trajectory of any product or service. Even in the past where there was no Internet and Social Media, a celebrity endorsement was worth millions. Just think of Nike and how Michael Jordan’s celebrity endorsement changed the company forever. For those of the younger generation and only know Nike as a powerhouse, believe it or not it was once a startup company trying to compete with the big boys such as Adidas and Puma. But how things have changed for the better from that celebrity endorsement. For men, once someone such as MJ endorses a product, it can gain celebrity status quickly.

What are the best options for Hair Loss Treatment?

Vanity is not as much of an issue as it is for a man as it is for a woman. Compared to hundreds of dollars on a new hair style/color or an hour putting on their warpaint (makeup), men are pretty simple. Although we do have our Achilles heel and kryptonite which comes in the form of hair loss. The most confident and vain men can be brought tumbling down by thinning hair, receding hairline, mature hairline and other hair loss issues. We may seem happy on the outside but inside, we are crying like babies!

Most men will try to not to think about it and convince themselves that its just temporary, but as the morning shaving sessions pass by, they realize this is for real. Most will try a cornucopia of solutions ranging from natural foods, vitamins, lotions, derma rollers, sprays and other worthless solutions. After a while they will realize that most of these are just smoke and mirrors and decide they need to see a doctor / dermatologist to find a viable solution.

After their initial consultation and a bit of research, they will conclude that there are only 2 real solutions. The first is Propecia and Rogaine, two drugs that have been around for 20 years or so and have proven to be effective in slowing and stopping hair loss, as well as regrowing hair. The second is a Hair Transplant which has proven time and time again to be the most effective way to combat hair loss. Unfortunately, there are those that do not qualify because of age, health and type of hair loss. For those that do, the results can be life-changing as our confidence will be lifted from the depths of misery!

What does Hair Loss and Hair Transplants have to do with Nike?

Brian Urlacher hair transplant

Brian Urlacher! The 13-year linebacker for the Chicago Bears was one of the first popular professional athletes in the US to embrace his hair loss and do something about it. Not exactly easy to do as Linebackers are known to be some of the toughest guys in professional sports. Admitting that he was losing his hair and was concerned about it is difficult, but then deciding to have a Hair Transplant to remedy the problem, was a huge step. Athletes don’t like to admit they are vain like the rest of us, but who doesn’t want a full head of hair.

Urlacher is one of the people that set the tone and trend for the acceptability of a Hair Transplant for the average guy. Just as with Jordan’s sponsorship of Nike and Urlacher’s decision to have a transplant, a decision by a celebrity to be associated with that product can change it forever.

Brian’s story is the same as most men who start to lose hair when they are young. As a high schooler losing his hair, he decided that after a while it would be better just to shave his head and not to deal with it at all. For a guy like Urlacher its not that difficult as he mostly wears his helmet and when he is not, there aren’t too many people who will break his stones about being bald.

After hearing about Hair Transplant procedures and the FUE System, Urlacher decided to get a 3,800 follicular unit transplant. Saying he now has the same amount that he had when in High School, is a testament to the FUE System and the advances in technology over the decades. Being an athlete can have many benefits, one which includes having the money to afford something like this. Fortunately, there are alternatives and solutions for those who can’t spend $15,000 on an elective medical procedure.

Can I afford a Hair Transplant like Brian Urlacher and achieve the same results?

Yes, you can and its not as hard as you think. Urlacher’s transplant in most cases costs about $15,000 in the US. His transplant of 3,800 follicles is about average, although transplants can reach the high end of 5,000 in some cases. The transplant can be done in one or two sessions, while men who start when they are younger, can go back and have a “tune-up” to replace their receding hairline. There are many ways to approach a transplant, but you must first speak with your doctor to decide on what options best suit your situation.

The FUE procedure which Urlacher had done is much more affordable in countries which attract medical tourists. Budapest, Hungary has been on the map for over a decade and has provided medical procedures for foreign patients in everything from Dental care to Hair Transplants. The clinics providing Hair Transplants are certified in the FUE Safe System, which is the most advanced procedure available.

For the price of approximately $5,500, which includes accommodations, and the price of an airline ticket, you can get the same results as Brian Urlacher. These are certified clinics under the European Union and staffed by doctors studying at some of the best Universities. The cost of living in Hungary is reflected in the affordable prices which makes it a great option for someone who doesn’t posses the wealth of a professional athlete. Read the reviews on TrustPilot and video testimonials of patients from abroad who have experienced what Hungary has to offer. It only takes a few minutes and you will be more than happy that you invested the time to start on this path to a new head of hair.